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Using Medical Cannabis for Prostate Cancer Symptoms


While Cannabis cannot help with problems related to the urethra, such as difficulty urinating, it serves as an excellent supplement to cancer treatment by reducing cancer symptoms and side effects from treatment.

Cannabis reduces the pain caused by tumour pressure, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgical procedures. Pain is one of the most researched and documented conditions successfully treated with medical cannabis.
• Marijuana stimulates your appetite and reduces nausea. While cancer causes both loss of appetite and weight loss, harsher treatments like chemotherapy cause nausea. Marijuana works as both an appetite stimulant and an anti-nausea medication, making it easier to get the nutrition you need.
• Certain strains of weed can give you an energy boost. Using a Sativa strain can clear your mind and get you moving.
Indica strains provide sedation and relaxation. You need to get as much rest as possible when you have a disease like cancer.

Medical marijuana is still being researched for its ability to kill cancer cells and keep them from spreading. While there’s not enough evidence to suggest cannabis can fully replace current treatments. Along with its painkilling abilities, cannabis could work as the cancer medication of the future.

Marijuana and Prostate Cancer: Clinical Evidence
Clinical studies have shown the benefits of medical marijuana to cancer patients who are going through chemotherapy and/or radiation treatment.

CBD from Cannabis Plants contain properties that relieve inflammation, anxiety and nausea. It could even inhibit the growth of some cancer cells, including those that cause prostate cancer.

A chemotherapy patient undergoing chemotherapy can experience inflammation in the digestive tract. CBD and Cannabis oil can help to reduce the inflammation and will help the patient keep food down and remain healthy during chemo treatment.

Some patients using medical marijuana experience less fatigue associated with radiation treatment.

The relaxation benefits of medical marijuana have been shown to allow cancer patients to reduce stress levels, which allow the body to fight off the growth of the cancer cells.

The most frequently used methods of marijuana use include:
Smoking — Inhaling marijuana lets you feel its benefits as soon as possible.
Vaping — While vaping still has some of the dangerous aspects of smoking, the toxins aren’t nearly as plentiful.
Topicals — The pain caused by prostate cancer mainly occurs in tissue too deep for topical treatments like lotions to reach.
Oils — Both CBD oil and Rick Simpson oil can be added to food for you to ingest.
Pills and tinctures — Patients who prefer something like the medicine they get at a pharmacy can buy a pill or tincture. While you take a weed pill like any other pill, tinctures go under your tongue.
Edibles — Edibles have a less intense result that lasts longer. You might need to experiment with edibles more than you will with other methods, since the effects from edibles can be different depending on the manufacturer.

Side Effects Associated With Marijuana
• Insomnia/energy boost
• Drowsiness/sleep aid
• Hunger/increased appetite
• Short-term memory loss
• Giddiness
• Dry mouth or thirst
• Red eyes
• Respiratory issues
• Uneasiness or anxiety
If you experience health problems you didn’t have before using cannabis medication, get in touch with a doctor right away. You could have an allergy you don’t know about.

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