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How do I get a Medical Marijuana Licence in Canada?

You are probably reading this because you have tried everything your doctor has prescribed and nothing seems to be working. And that’s exactly what you should be saying when you are approaching a doctor about getting a medical marijuana card. Not a lot of doctors prescribe marijuana currently, but with education, that can change. I have included two links at the end of this blog for your doctor if he/she says they aren’t up to speed on the process involved in prescribing cannabis products. Even doctors can learn.
I am also including links to search for a clinic near you, or a virtual clinic at end of the blog.

Why should I get a Card when I can just buy online

A major health insurance company( Sun Life ) just announced that they will cover Medical Marijuana for treatment of the following conditions and symptoms (being eligible for coverage): cancer, multiple sclerosis (MS), rheumatoid arthritis, HIV/AIDS, and for patients in palliative care. There will be a prior approval process for those seeking coverage.
Sun Life’s coverage would likely cover only about a gram per day. Other health insurance companies will be sure to fall in line to compete and get government money.

What are the Steps I have to take to get my Card?

 The following steps outline the process to obtain a medical marijuana card:

• Step 1: Consult with a Health Care Practitioner
Treatment decisions are best made in consultation with your health care practitioner.
Under the ACMPR, an authorized health care practitioner includes physicians in all provinces and territories, and nurse practitioners in provinces and territories where supporting cannabis for medical purposes is permitted under their scope of practice.

• Step 2: Obtain a Medical Document completed by your Health Care Practitioner
You will need to obtain a medical document from your practitioner.
The following information must be included on the medical document signed and dated by the health care practitioner:
• your full name;
• your date of birth;
• address where you consulted with the practitioner;
• daily grams of dried marijuana you are authorized to use, the period of use (i.e. number of days, weeks or months), which cannot exceed one year from the date the medical document is signed by the healthcare practitioner;
• the healthcare practitioner’s name and, administrative information (profession, licence number, province of licence, business address, phone number, fax number and email address, if applicable); and
• an attestation by the healthcare practitioner that the information contained in the document is correct and complete.

• Step 3: Register and Order with a Licensed Producer
Once you have obtained a medical document from your authorized healthcare practitioner, you can register as a client with the producer of your choice. To register, you will need to submit certain information, including the original medical document. Please contact the producer for further information regarding application requirements.
After registering as a client, you will be able to order cannabis for medical purposes from the producer.

• Step 4: Delivery of your Cannabis for Medical Purposes

Order your products and have them shipped to your door.

Possession of Cannabis for Medical Purposes:

The amount of dried marijuana you can possess is the lesser of thirty times the daily amount stipulated by your healthcare practitioner or 150 grams. For example, if your healthcare practitioner recommends 3 grams per day, you would be allowed a maximum of 90 grams at any one time (30 days × 3 grams). However, if your healthcare practitioner recommends 6 grams per day, you would be allowed to possess a maximum of 150 grams at any one time, which would therefore be less than a 30-day supply.

Showing Proof of Legal Possession of Cannabis for Medical Purposes:

If asked by law enforcement, you can demonstrate that you are in legal possession of cannabis for medical purposes obtained from a licensed producer by showing either the label on the package containing your specific client information or the separate document containing the same information which accompanied your shipment of cannabis.

The Related Information that your Doctor will need.

Below is the link for the documents that your doctor needs to prescribe medical marijuana products. The government Canada Link is below. It might be a good idea to copy them to you phone before your visit just in case.



Medical Clinics and Virtual Clinics that prescribe Medical Marijuana.





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