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Recreational Marijuana Legalization in Canada

Where are we at?
Bill C45 passed the house of commons and now just needs Senate approval. That means legalization by July 2018 if the Senate doesn’t want amendments. If they do ask for amendments it could be a delay of months.
Each province seems to be approaching the upcoming legalization with a different approach. Commonly they will have a possession limit of 30 grams per person.


All provinces except Albeta and Quebec will have an Age limit of 19, while Alberta and Quebec will have an age limit of 18

They will be allowing private and public sales –  which means store fronts will be either privately owned or under management of the government.

Ontario is using the public route and plans to open 40 stores under government control by July.   150 Stores opening by the year 2020

All the provinces except B.C. will allow Online Sales which is still being decided by the province.

Only the North West Territories has said “NO” to Online sales.

Most Provinces will sell publicly at the liquor Store for around $10 a gram

Legalization will include:

      All provinces will allow:

  1. Dry and Wet Cannabis
  2. Extracted Cannabis Oil
  3. All types of Cannabis Seeds
  4. Cannabis Plants

Quebec and Manitoba – NO HOMEGROWS!



It seems that most provinces will distribute their Cannabis through the Liquor Board so expect to see it at your local store for $10 a gram

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