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FAQ’s about Marijuana use

F.A.Q’s about Marijuana Use

• How does Marijuana work – what will it do to me?

All forms of Marijuana are psychoactive (mind altering). Another way to put it is they change how your brain works.  The “high” or “buzz” will be different from each different strain you try.

It is broadly categorized into Indica, Sativa , and Hybrid, a cross between the two. Sativa’s giving you a “head” high and Indica’s giving you a full body effect. Some people call Sativa a Day time smoke and Indica a Nighttime smoke.  The Hybrid has you arriving somewhere in the middle.

Some people have reported feel nothing at all when they smoke marijuana. Some experience sudden feelings of anxiety and paranoid thoughts (even more likely with stronger varieties of marijuana).

Learning: Some claim that marijuana’s effects on attention and memory make it difficult to learn something new or do complex tasks that require focus and concentration, but like any substance; use and abuse are completely different, and will affect you differently.
Sports: Marijuana affects timing, movement, and coordination, which can harm athletic performance.
Judgment: Marijuana, like most drugs with psychoactive chemicals, can alter judgment.

Will I get withdrawal symptoms if I quit?

Yes and No. Research and anecdotal evidence shows that quitting marijuana can cause irritability, problems sleeping, anxiety, and cravings—peaking a few days after regular marijuana use has stopped. Most people who quit don’t have the same difficulties quitting associated with other highly addictive drugs such as alcohol, nicotine, opioids, etc.

• How Long Does it Stay in My Body?

The fatty tissues in your body quickly absorb the THC in marijuana. In general urine tests can detect traces of THC up to several days after, and up to weeks if you are a regular user. Cannabis contains more than 400 chemicals which include the one most people use it for and that’s THC. The THC percentage is what most people pay attention to when purchasing. Some stains are bred for their high concentrations of CBD, a compound found to have many health benefits including killing Cancer Cells.

• Does using Marijuana and its Concentrates lead to other Drug use?

Long term studies that followed high school students showed that people who used marijuana went on to try other drugs but not because of the chemicals in the plant but the social atmosphere around Cannabis.

• How does it affect my Lungs?

Smoking marijuana comes with the same health risks as smoking cigarettes but most of us smokers don’t smoke 20 joints a day like cigarette smokers so the risk is there but diminished in my opinion. Chronic use can lead to a greater risk of lung infections such as pneumonia.

• Can Marijuana use hurt my Unborn or breast feeding Child?

Doctors advise pregnant women not to use any drugs because they could harm the baby. Studies suggest that children of mothers who used marijuana while pregnant may have tiny changes in brain chemistry that can cause difficulties with problem-solving skills, memory, and attention.
Mothers are also advised not to use marijuana while breastfeeding, as moderate amounts of THC may be excreted into the breast milk.

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